Saturday, 13 April 2013

Unspoiled Beauty: Queenstown Hill

We would sometimes feel like we were in The Truman Show with mountains, lakes, hills, snow, and all sorts of nature-type of landscape surrounding us; it all almost felt too beautiful to be real. I'm not sure how long the hike is supposed to take from town but we half ran it so I think we got to the top of Queenstown Hill in about an hour? About 3/4th of the way up is the Basket of Dreams which is where most people stop. It offers beautiful views, but not 360 degree one's like from the tippy top.

The inscription reads:

The Basket's spiral of steel 
follows you

to reflect
to draw inspiration from the
mountains, lake 
and from those who are with you

to dream
for the future.

Time flies, eternity waits. 


If you keep going a wee bit longer you get to the peak and the views from there are absolutely breathtaking.

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