Tuesday, 7 May 2013

#79: Walk Through a Natural Labyrinth

So this wasn't exactly the type of natural labyrinth I had in mind when writing this post. I thought of trees and hedges on an estate someplace.
Nonetheless Puzzling World has a massive 3D maze (which technically can be considered a natural labyrinth) that we had to try out when there!
It's quite long and confusing. You complete it by either finding all four colored corner towers in any order, or in a specific order listed.
We started out aiming for the specific order, then found a different color one and just kept going from there. We succeeded in finding a way into 3/4 towers and then gave up (Chris no longer wanted to follow me up the same set of stairs for the literally 20th time) and went exploring the rest of the place...

*The above photo is from http://www.labyrinthsnz.com

I think one day I will find myself a nature-grown natural labyrinth and try my hand at that, or even come back and try to solve this one. I'm not one to leave puzzles unfinished.

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