Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Orchids, Orchids Everywhere

The Singapore Botanic Garden has an amazing orchid garden! Orchids of every color and shape of the rainbow, from white to green to yellow to purple to squiggly to straight to round, well you get the idea! We had to go see them for ourselves.

It was so magical with so many beautiful flowers cascading all around you!



Great fun for a day of exploring! The garden is free, however the orchid garden is special and will set you back about $5, unless you have a student I.D., then it's free as well!

In my opinion the garden itself is a little boring with lots of open green fields and nothing really exciting to see. Singapore is one of the warmest places to live in, and walking around exposed to full sunlight is the last thing I personally want to do.

The orchid garden on the other hand is definitely worth checking out so you can do a quick sweep of the rest of the garden on your way to it.

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