Thursday, 21 February 2013

#75: Go Bungee Jumping

Queenstown is known as the adventure capital of the world, and when in Rome, you do something crazy. So one breezy morning Chris and I gathered ourselves for a mini adventure in the form of Australasia's highest and the world's third biggest bungee jump. The Nevis bungee measures 134 meters high (that's 440 feet, or about 36 stories), we were ready.

We checked in bright and early, met a few friends, got marked for identification purposes, and boarded the bus to take us away. (Excited yet?)

 We caught our first glimpse of what we were going to be jumping from as we approached our destination. (Can you spot the highwire cable car hanging in between two cliffs on the left hand side? Yup, that's where we were headed.)

After getting suited up and weighed in we went to get a better look at where we would be jumping from.

So with a short ride over in a cable car we were finally there.

People jump heaviest first so I had quite a bit of waiting to do. The energy inside a bungee pod is incredible. The music is blaring, getting you pumped. Everyone around you is nervous, excited, scared, crying, laughing, acting tough, and anything else you can think of. Chris's turn came and having already done a bungee last year he knew a bit of what to expect.

And then it was my turn.

Right. So at this point I'm ll strapped up, ready to go, waiting for the guy before me to get pulled up so it can finally be my turn. Everyone that's preceded me had gotten out of the chair, hobbled to the edge of that silver platform, smiled for a few pictures, had a quick 3-2-1 countdown and were off! BUT this wouldn't be the case for me. No, mine was much, much more exciting. Want to know what happens? Watch the video below to find out what happens. Be ready to be at the edge of your seat as you join me in this gut wrenching, high adrenaline bucketlist tick!

And as a special little updated treat here is finally the video of Chris bungy jumping!!!
He finally downloaded his video.

Just watching these again make my tummy do flips!

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