Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Art of the Brick and Animals Inside Out

About two years ago I was living in Singapore and an exhibit called Art of the Brick came to town.
A few months ago, the same exhibit was coming to Philly and I had to go.
It was held at the Franklin Institute, and was MUCH bigger than the one I saw in Singapore.  

There were famous paintings reproduced in LEGOs...

Sculptures, landmarks and busts from around the world...

And of course Nathan Sawaya's original pieces...

My favorite t-rex was there too!

And a whole other part of the exhibit I haven't seen before.

Items made of LEGO's were photographed and super imposed into pictures to create almost a whimsical illusion of how a child might imagine their creations, but on a much more adult scale. 
This room was by far my favorite. 

The Franklin Institute was exhibiting Body Worlds: Animals Inside Out at the same time, so I thought why not see that too. 

I think a rainy day at the museum learning, exploring and expanding horizons is always a great thing!

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