Thursday, 30 May 2013

I Dream of Trees

Turn this onto full screen (preferably on your iPad or Phone), turn the volume all the way up and hold it above you as you watch the lights and colors change and the music captivate you.

I recorded this while laying down in a "garden" of super trees, exploring this big metropolis I now call home.
I can't help but feel like a little fairy, small and magical when I'm in this place. Especially with the music and lights surrounding you, so high up above.

I dare you to not do anything for the next 9 minutes while you watch this.
Let yourself be caught up in the sounds of the birds, waterfalls, music, wind chimes, soothing voices and anything else you pick up during this video.

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

So Delayed..

I have had no computer with working internet access to get on and post about our recent adventures.. BOO!!!

Major updates including monkeys, LEGOs, more shoes, super trees (not all together) and a possible guest blog post coming soon!!

In the meantime, have you seen my Instagram? @yuli_lviv

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Pieces of Chinatown

The fish spa we went to was located in Chinatown. We were hoping to get to do a few more adventurous things but didn't realize things started to close around 8p.m.
So we walked around and explored what was opened.

I love lights. Creative, colorful, lanterns, lamps, anything. There's just something about them that makes me smile.
I might one day do a post on all of my favorite chandeliers... yes I have favorites. And there are stores upon stores here stocked with hundreds of them.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Fish Spa

We recently went to a fish spa. What is a fish spa you ask? It's a place where you go and put your feet/hands into a fish tank and the fish then eat the dead skin/dirt off of your feet/hands.
We loved it! It doesn't just make your skin smoother but it's a half hour of laugh therapy. Depending on how hungry the fish are they'll attack your feet from every which way.
They wiggle in between your toes, slap themselves around, gnaw at the skin (relax, they're tiny fish with no teeth).
We learned a lot of places have communal tanks because it's quite expensive to maintain (GPB $2.50/fish), but the place we went to had individual tanks for everyone and UV lights to kill any bacteria that tries to grow in the tanks.
The best part about this place though were the people running it. The little older lady loved my hair and chatted away to us like we've been there a hundred times, and her son then came in and gave us tips and tricks and shared all sorts of great knowledge with us.
Our feet definitely looked a bit better, but I think this kind of treatment is required on a regular basis to see major improvements. We'll definitely be back.

Address: Chinatown, Pagoda St 70a | Phone: 656222 2492 | E-mail:

Wednesday, 15 May 2013


Speaking of roasts, I just remembered Jervois Steak House. Oh my goodness, oooh my goodness.
We went there on New Years and had one of the most delicious pieces of meat a person could ask for.
We started off with the JSH steak tartar, really high quality meat with a raw egg broken into the middle that you mix yourself brought with little pieces of bread.
I had a passion fruit caipirinha cocktail to drink which I would highly recommend as it's a bit different from the typical caipirinha.
For mains we has Steak Fiorentina for Two with Gorgonzola mascarpone and Buffalo coriander & garlic butter, Steak House Fries, and Mac & cheese fritters. Everything was so delicious. Definitely a great place to go for a special occasion.

Address - Breckon Street | Phone - 03 442 6263 | E-mail -

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Sunday Roast

If you've never lived in Asia you can't understand the difference in food cultures. I so much miss having a Sunday roast. (Or even getting some cold cuts and making sandwiches.)
Roast-like cuts of meat aren't popular in supermarkets here, nor are cold cuts. It's more about the seafood, squid, tofu, cockels, and mince. And cheese? Fogetaboutit.
Sunday roasts, mmmm, my mouth is watering just thinking about the piles upon piles of meat...

I'll have to figure out a new "roast" tradition here.. Any ideas anyone?

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Model For a Day

Chris and I got to do a whole day of modeling together a while ago for QShot. They're a relatively new company in Queenstown, with really great concept photos by a talented photographer and the lovely marketing lady. Definitely a cool way to get noticed if you're a business in that little part of the world.

This was the final outcome.. I didn't save the photos while they were on the site and this is all I could find:

Gemma or Miz, if you're reading this, any way you'd be able to pretty please e-mail me the rest of them? :)

Saturday, 11 May 2013

New Additions

My first proper addition to my wardrobe since leaving home to live a life of adventure are shoes... go figure.
But not any shoes, new trainers! And not any trainers, but Ukrainian color trainers! Ukrainian color trainers that were on sale. How could I not get them?!

How cool are these? I found one's really similar, maybe even better HERE.

And then I found a pair of summery Keds, also on sale, and I thought well I don't really have flat shoes, so those came home with me too.

Here's some in the beige color, I think the pink one's might be sold out.

Chris found a sweet red pair of trainers for himself too. I love how we both get so happy about a new pair of running shoes, going to try them out tomorrow!

Get one's like it HERE.

Aren't they pretty?
It's so ridiculously hot in Singapore it's hard to get yourself together and get outside. I think I might just have to start waking up around sunrise to get a workout in.

Friday, 10 May 2013

Korean BBQ

Chris and I randomly went to a Korean BBQ place for lunch one day not knowing what to expect really. I didn't have a camera along with me so I had to use my phone.
It's a little of a mix between a buffet, urban camping and hibachi. You get a plate and fill it up with raw meat, veggies, noodles, seafood, anything you want. Then take it back to your table and cook it on a BBQ that's installed into the middle of it.
Eat as much or as little as you want, it's all for a set price. The only thing is that if you leave any food on your plate you get charged extra for it. Great idea if you ask me to prevent wastage!

Ah, you gotta have some fun in life, no? Go out and try some new cuisine this week and let me know what you had!!