Thursday, 18 April 2013

Sneak peak into Chinatown

Every big city in the world has a Chinatown, but the one in Singapore is the best one I've seen. It's proper Chinatown, food stalls, tailors, shoe cobblers on the street, seafood you've never seen before, massage parlors, trinkets and waving cats everywhere. This is a little preview into this amazing little part of the world.

We had satay for dinner, it's more Malaysian than Chinese, but it's delicious, with a massive coconut on the side. Coconuts should be mandatory in every part of the world. Satay is normally chicken, pork or mutton and always comes with a special peanut sauce, and onion and cucumber bits. The rice pockets are optional but great with the satay so also recommended.

We're going for a full day soon so I'll be posting what we get up to. (To do list includes a fish pedicure, eating a penis worm sea creature, fortune telling, and buying a few special items.. You won't want to miss it.)


  1. Looks awesome. I wouldn't have thought there was a China Town in Singapore... isn't the whole place China Town?

    "Of course not Ian, Singapore is in Malaysia and Malaysia is not China."

    Ahhhh ha!

    1. You'd be surprised! Every little area of Singapore looks completely different.
      (Singapore is actually it's own country/island and not part of Malaysia is case anyone else asks) ;)

      Yuliya xx