Wednesday, 20 February 2013

My Big, Bad Bucketlist

Last year, with Chris's inspiration, I started a bucketlist. It has probably been one of the easiest, best things I've ever done for myself. You can put anything from visit every country in the world (#134 and #136) to try an exotic fruit (#131) on it, anything that pops into your head that you would like to do and try at some point in your life. My biggest reason for loving having done this is that if there is a day I have nothing planned I can scan this thing (that is now laminated and hanging on my wall), pick something that's relatively easy to do and I get to grow as a person every single time. I got my idea's from Chris's bucketlist, from this place which lists 600 items on it categorically, and from seeing random things pop up on Pinterest, magazine's, and other people. 

So with no further ado, I give you my Big, Bad Bucketlist:

1) Ride a gondola in Venice
2.) Attend Loy Krathong in Thailand
3) Travel on camel (in the Sahara desert)
4) See the Parthenon and Acropolis in Greece
5) See the statues on Easter Island in Chile
6) See the pyramids of Giza in Egypt
7) See Stonehenge in UK.
8) See the Sydney Opera house.
9) Visit Tibet.
10) Gamble at Monte Carlo in Monaco
11) Attend carnival in Venice
12) See the carnival in Rio, Brazil. (or Salvador)
13) Watch a Sumo wrestling match in Japan.
14) Visit the Imperial Palace Gardens in Tokyo
15) Kiss the Blarney stone in Ireland.
16) Stay in the Ice Hotel in Sweden.
17) Visit the Fjords of Norway.
18) See the Taj Mahal in India.
19) See the Eiffel Tower in Paris
20) See the leaning tower of Pisa.
21) Visit Mecca.
22) Go to Bora Bora.
23) See Big Ben 
24) Ride/see the London Eye.
25) Go para-sailing
26) Visit Dubrovnik, Crotia.
27) Scuba dive in the Great barrier Reef.
28) Spend time in a Buddhist monastery
29) Spend a weekend at a silent retreat.
30) Meet the Dalai Lama.
31) Practice Yoga at least once a week.
32) Get my chakras read.
33) Attend the Olympics.
34)  See the Houses of Parliament
35) Attend a Mystery Dinner
36) Sleep under the stars
37) Fill a passport completely.
38) Run a 5km race.
39) Run a 10km race.

40) Run a half marathon
41) Hike the Appalachian trail.
42) Go water skiing.
43) Learn to play Golf.
44) Stay overnight in a sail boat.
45) Learn the complete rules of Rugby. Here and here.
46) Go Deep sea fishing.
47) Go Horse back riding on a beach.
48) Learn to Ski.
49) Perfect carving on a snowboard.
50) Drive a Snowmobile
51) Experience fencing.
52) Learn Archery
53) Learn to fire a gun 

54) Learn conversational French and Spanish.
55) Study Latin.
56) Learn the Arabic alphabet.
57) Teach English in a foreign country.
58) Learn to play the Piano.
59) Go to the NY Philharmonic.
60) Learn to Snorkel 
61) Learn to Dive
62) Dive in a shipwreck.
63) Swim with Sharks.
64) Go on a cruise.
65) Learn to surf.
66) Swim with a dolphin.
67) Dive in a submarine.
68) Ride in a hot air balloon.
69) Go Paragliding
70) Ride in a Helicopter.
71) Go Skydiving.
72) Go ziplining.
73) Travel by Seaplane.
74) Fly an open cockpit plane.
75) Go Bungee jumping.
76) Go hiking in a rainforest.
77) Go fire walking.
78) Ride in a race car
79) Walk through a natural labyrinth.
80) Do a cross country motorcycle tour.
81) Ride on the Orient express.
82) Go dirt biking.
83) Ride a dune buggy in the desert.
84) Watch a rocket launch live.
85) Go Whale watching.
86) Go on a Safari.
87) Adopt a dog from a shelter.
88) Ride an elephant 
89) Mush a dog sled.
90) Watch a Bullfight in Spain.
91) See the Victoria Falls.
92) See the Aurora Borealis.
93) Travel to the Amazon rainforest.
93) Watch a Meteor Shower.
94) Walk the great wall of China
95) See the Christ de Redeemer.
96) Visit Chichen Itza in Mexico.
97) Visit El Prado Museum- Spain
98) Visit Smithsonian Museum - D.C.
99) Visit the Louvre-France.
100) Live in a foreign country for 6 months
101) Visit all 11 Carribean Islands.
102) Participate in La Tomatina.
103) See the Cherry Bloom festival in D.C./Japan
104) Be part of Oktoberfest- Munich, Germany.
105) Learn to play Chess
106) Learn Astrology.
107) Paint a painting I would like hanging on my wall.
108) Become a wine Connoisseur.
109) Learn to juggle.
110) Grow Roses.
111) Solve a Rubix cube.
112) Become a better listener.
113) Meet a prince/princess or Shiek.
114) Fly 1st Class.
115) Drive a Lamborghini/Bugatti/Ferrari 
116) Sleep in a Castle.
117) Meet and marry the love of my life.
118) Have and raise a healthy and happy child.
119) Own a beach, country and city house/apartment.
120) Have the following in my home:
- Fireplace or outdoor firepit.
- Meditation/Yoga room.
- Library.
- Porch.
- outdoor flower/herb Garden.
- French doors leading outside.
- Pond.
121) Read the Bible in full.
122) Write my own book.
123) Get a book of poems published.
124) Have a portrait of myself painted.
125) Travel Solo
126) Go wine tasting
129) Attend a Cirque du soleil 
130) Make my own perfume
131) Eat a moonmelon
132) Stay at the Pesiedon Hotel ($15,000 pp/pw)
133) Stay at the Attra'reves Hotel (bubble) - France
134) Do a cruise around the world
135) Jet boating 
136) Visit every country in the world (count: 12)
137) Go to a Jazz club in New Orleans.
138) White House
139) Las Vegas
140) Mt Rushmore
141) Hearst castle in California
142) Golden gate bridge in San Fran
143) Washington D.C.
144) Cape cod
145) Chicago
146) Los Angeles
147) Learn to dance following well:
- Salsa
- Cha- cha- cha
- Tango
- Waltz
- Fox trot
- Flamenco
- Samba
148) Visit the following Cathedrals:
- Hagia Sofia- Turkey
- Kiyomizu Temple- Japan.
- Notre Dame- Paris.
- St. Basilas- Russia.
- Basilion de la Sagrada familia- Barcelona.
- Cologne- Germany.
- Seville Cathedral- Spain
- Basilica oli Santa Maria del Fiore- Italy

149) Have lunch with Richard Branson and Tim Ferriss
150) Donate blood
151) Take a photo with the Hollywood Sign
152) Visit Angkor Wat
153) See Buckingham Palace
154) Attend a tea ceremony in Japan
155) Tokyo Tower
156) Own an island
157) Ride a double bicycle
158) Go on a shoot in England
159) Go to Yacht Week
160) Get certified as a personal trainer
161) Get a motorcycle license
162) Start my own business
163) Have multiple streams of passive income
164) Own at least 2 investment properties
165) Brew my own beer
166) Attend a personal development seminar
167) Read at least 1 new book every month
168) Have my own statue
169) Go to the airport and get the first flight out
170) Act in a commercial/movie
171) Model in a fitness magazine
172) Crash a wedding
173) Find a fossil
174) Float in the Dead Sea
175) Own a gym
176) Own a red Jeep Wrangler
177) Beach bonfire
178) Attend a masquerade ball
179) Learn to knit
180) Knit and donate 100 scarfs to the homeless
181) Flyboard
182) Volunteer at a soup kitchen
183) Create a family crest
184) Get a title
185) Visit Boston
186) Learn sign language
187) Learn to pick locks
188) Sell a business I created
189) Keep a scrapbook of the early years for all my children
190) Be a great godmother
191) Throw a huge party 
192) Take pole dancing lessons
193) Get a tattoo
194) Go sea kayaking
195) Send a message in a bottle 
196) Build the home of my dreams
197) Help my sister in all matters, always
198) Eat lobster in Maine
199) Explore a Lighthouse (Nantucket?)

Please, please, please do yourself a favor and make one too! And then tell me about it in the comments.
Everything that looks like this I've done, and I will be updating it again shorty as I have a few sneaky activities planned for the next month :)

The other thing I recommend doing is taking Timothy Ferriss's 4 Hour Work Week dream line advice and actually doing it. Those are the sheets you see hanging on the far left in the first photo. You can find the free pdf version of the book online, but I refer to it quite often when I'm working on something so I highly recommend having a hard copy. 

This is what I use to make my goals (I got it from above linked blog, but his is an Excel and I just turned it into a picture). I do this yearly, but it can be reworked to serve your goals for everything from 1 week to 6 months to 5 years. 

Have fun making your own goals come true! The very first step is writing them down!  

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