Saturday, 6 April 2013

Cropool Anyone?

Has anyone ever heard of cropool, or croquet pool? My guess is probably not; Have-A-Shot in Wanaka claims to be the only place in the world that has it! Chris was pretty good at it. For me on the other hand, never having played croquet before, it was a learning experience to say the least.

This is what the "field"(?)/"table"(?) looks like.

And this is how you play:

I'm not sure I'd like to play again, but it was cool experiencing something not many people have.

Has anyone played anything like this before? Or maybe even cropool?


  1. My widdle Yuliya struggling? I love the second photo from the bottom. Looks like yous had fun. Miss you and love you. I am very happy you are doing what you always believed in.

    1. It was so hard for me to make the balls go straight! That photo represents what I looked like about 50% of the time haha. We had a great time :) I miss and love you more!!!!!! I'm so excited for you to start your adventures too :)