Sunday, 28 April 2013


One of the best things I've done since coming to Singapore is start playing touch rugby. It's different to normal rugby same way as American football is different from touch football, therefore a lot more people can enjoy it.
It's amazing exercise running around for 2-3 hours in heat and humidity, starting and stopping, run forward, run back, down, up, jump, down, throw.
The biggest difference is you're not allowed to tackle the person with the ball, you simply touch them and they put the ball down. Another is instead of scrums to restart the play you just play the ball either by rolling it in between your legs, or if it's a penalty or successful try by touching it to your foot and going.
The views are incredible too! Most of the times we play on the river at the heart of the financial district. Other times we play on a man-made beach.
The best thing about playing though is the team; I only started a few weeks ago and they welcomed me (and any other new player) with open arms and taught me to play. Thanks team for being so great!
I'm already looking forward to the next game!

What new things have you learned to do recently?

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