Monday, 14 April 2014

Russian Thai Food

After our grand adventure of exploring Phi Phi, we were exhausted and starved.
Our very good friend Spider came to Phuket for a visit as well, and the first thing on the agenda was food.
Karon Beach is quite Russian (I loved this about the area) and I was homesick for Ukrainian food.
Behold in front of us was nothing else but... a Russian-Thai restaurant!

We might have gone a little overboard with the ordering.

We start with Olivye (my favorite Ukrainian/Russian salad).

Cashew chicken.

Green curry.

A little of everything.

Potato pancakes.


Coconut shake.

And rice.

I had at least 3 shakes.

And the boys were finally full enough to emerge from the grogginess of hunger.

Can you believe this is still only part the 2nd day in Thailand?

Day 3 was Chris's birthday and we had something very special planned.

Friday, 11 April 2014

Koh Yoong, Thailand

The last and final stop on our magical getaway was another snorkeling spot!
The water was pretty choppy, the boat was swaying to and fro, and I still wasn't completely over the first snorkeling experience.

My solution?
To put on a vest and flippers, and swim to the only small piece of beach in sight and sit there till everyone was getting back on the boat.

Chris came to fetch me after a few moments of solitude on the beach because apparently this place was WAY better and had loads more fish.
I believed him and swam back to the boat to see for myself.

He was right.
This place was much better.

The guys from the boat threw pineapple pieces in and the fish swarmed around us.


I was so happy bobbing along the surface that I didn't notice there was no one else around me.
Everyone had actually already gotten back on the boat and someone had to swim out after me letting me know it was time to leave.

Needless to say this was a much lovelier snorkeling spot, especially for beginners like me.

Back on the boat and heading back to port everyone fell asleep, probably from a mixture of adrenaline and heat exhaustion, mixed with happiness and the rocking of the boat.

Back on solid ground we were taken back to our hotel where we took a nap and got ready for more adventures.

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Koh Naka, Thailand

Did you ever imagine what the most perfect place in this whole wide world looks like?

I haven't until we landed on the shore of Koh Naka.

Koh Naka Phi Phi Islands

Speeding up to the island you can see the water getting clearer and bluer.
And I was just thinking to myself "I would so much love to stop here..."
The boat slowed down, we dropped anchor, and I almost jumped off the back of the boat with excitement.

Koh Naka Phi Phi Islands

We had about 45 minutes in the most beautiful place in the world and I wasn't going to waste a second.

Koh Naka Phi Phi Islands

Koh Naka Phi Phi Islands

While I swam and played in the perfect waters, of the perfect island, with the perfect man, the perfect man was asleep.

So I laid down next to him and tried to sleep.
But I just couldn't.
I was too excited to be someplace so beautiful.
So I sat on the beach and waited patiently (apart from the occasional poke) for my darling to awaken from his slumber.
And finallllly managed to convince him to come play in the water with me.

Koh Naka Phi Phi Islands

Koh Naka Phi Phi Islands

It was time to go way too soon.
But the tide was coming up and I had a feeling there would be no beach at all if we didn't leave now.
Chris found me a present, but I decided to leave it on the beach.

Koh Naka Phi Phi Islands

Koh Naka Phi Phi Islands

It was a very full day, and everyone looked quite exhausted, but the trip still wasn't over!
There was one last surprise on the way.