Tuesday, 2 April 2013

I'm on a Boat and I'm Going Fast and..

A little while ago Chris and I went jet boating on a gloomy, rainy day. I'm not sure if jet boating in the rain is the best idea considering the boat is going about 85km per hour, and that's how fast the rain is hitting your face, not fun. Other than that it was really exciting! The boat was doing 360 degree turns, getting close enough to tree branches and cliffs that it could knock you off, and driving on about a puddle worth of water at times. The videos and photos barely do the experience justice!


The KJet will set you back about NZD $120, however you can grab discounted tickets on BookMe from NZD $1-$59 for one of the 3 different jet boat companies in Queenstown. You can also go for locals day which is announced in the Lakes Weekly twice a year. Just show up on the day, you'll sometimes be asked for proof of address, and pay just $20.

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