Saturday, 11 May 2013

New Additions

My first proper addition to my wardrobe since leaving home to live a life of adventure are shoes... go figure.
But not any shoes, new trainers! And not any trainers, but Ukrainian color trainers! Ukrainian color trainers that were on sale. How could I not get them?!

How cool are these? I found one's really similar, maybe even better HERE.

And then I found a pair of summery Keds, also on sale, and I thought well I don't really have flat shoes, so those came home with me too.

Here's some in the beige color, I think the pink one's might be sold out.

Chris found a sweet red pair of trainers for himself too. I love how we both get so happy about a new pair of running shoes, going to try them out tomorrow!

Get one's like it HERE.

Aren't they pretty?
It's so ridiculously hot in Singapore it's hard to get yourself together and get outside. I think I might just have to start waking up around sunrise to get a workout in.


  1. Both your sneakers are very awesome! Hope your are putting them to good use (:

    1. Going out for a run in them today! Aren't they so pretty? I saw the yellow and blue and had to get them :)