Monday, 2 March 2015

Brooklyn Bridge & NYC Skyline


So I've decided to share with you a place in this world that I love with all my heart.
It's magical and beautiful; it lets you dream and hope and love.
And surprisingly, not that many people come here. 

It's just underneath the Brooklyn Bridge, from the Brooklyn side, overlooking Manhattan...

Have you seen a more perfect city skyline?
It's a place to me that just feels so full of promise and makes you believe the sky's the limit.

Just under the bridge is this beautiful restaurant with views of the city. I've been told the sunsets are absolutely magical.

Whether you go left or right, the views of the cities will hypnotize you.

When the sun has all but set, find the stone staircase that'll take you up onto the bridge.

Cross into Manhattan.
You can either take your time and stroll around the Financial District or take the subway to where ever your heart desires.

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