Wednesday, 15 May 2013


Speaking of roasts, I just remembered Jervois Steak House. Oh my goodness, oooh my goodness.
We went there on New Years and had one of the most delicious pieces of meat a person could ask for.
We started off with the JSH steak tartar, really high quality meat with a raw egg broken into the middle that you mix yourself brought with little pieces of bread.
I had a passion fruit caipirinha cocktail to drink which I would highly recommend as it's a bit different from the typical caipirinha.
For mains we has Steak Fiorentina for Two with Gorgonzola mascarpone and Buffalo coriander & garlic butter, Steak House Fries, and Mac & cheese fritters. Everything was so delicious. Definitely a great place to go for a special occasion.

Address - Breckon Street | Phone - 03 442 6263 | E-mail -


  1. this place looks awesome!!

    1. It was soo good! I've never tasted a more juicy, perfectly spiced, medium rare steak :)