Monday, 23 February 2015

Where Have I Been?!

Hello all!

Where, oh where, have I been?

Well since my last check in, a lot of place actually...

After leaving Singapore in the spring I went to the East Coast of the US.
I then spent the summer in Ukraine.
Took a train trip through Eastern Europe to countires like Hungary, Slovenia, Austria and Poland.
Came back to the US in the fall.
Got my personal trianing certification.
Visited New Orleans over Christmas.
And moved to Philadelphia in the New Year.

Everything has been a whirlwind since leaving Singapore.
New places, new avenues...

I didn't have a very good connection being overseas so my writing slowed down (to a halt really), but now that I'm a little bit more settled I wanted to share everywhere I've been since.

I hope you like the updates!

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