Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Glen Onoko

There's a little tucked away place in the mountains of eastern Pennsylvania called Glen Onoko.

Locals know of it, but not many others, which makes it a perfect getaway for the day for a hike, a picnic, a bike ride, some kayaking and canoeing, or a swim if it's warm enough.

I go here multiple times a year, and every time you go your hiking path looks just a little bit different.
Why you ask? Because you hike up along a waterwall all the way to the tippy top, and anytime it rains, or there's a drought, or a rough wind, it changes the path of the falls and therefore the climb of the hiker.

glen onoko, jim thorpe

glen onoko, jim thorpe

You can take a slightly easier path up/down around the back of the mountain too if you didn't want to take the more scenic route.

Last time I was there I spotted a deer just a few feet ahead!

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