Saturday, 26 April 2014

Bangla Road, Phuket

How does one describe Bangla Road to someone who has never been there?

Bangla Road, Patong Beach, Phuket, Thailand

A few words come to mind:
Colorful, confusing, intoxicated, a night to remember than you actually won't, how did she do that, loud, an experience, woman or man... I can keep going, but let me show you in pictures so maybe you can understand.

Anyone you ask has a different opinion about this mystical place based on their mentality.
One person will say it's dirty, loud and full of tourists.
Another will say it's like Candyland for adults, filled with locals and friends.

We took a tuk-tuk there from our hotel and contemplated what our game plan will be from the suggestions we picked up that day.
Most of the tuk-tuks in Phuket are funky and colorful, and have music blasting from speakers fit for a stadium not a car.
Ours, unfortunately, didn't come with any bells or whistles so we had to make due with conversation.

When you finally arrive you're greeted with a street even brighter than Times Square.
Everywhere you look: bar, food place/bar, go-go bar, tailor shop/bar, club/bar... the way alcohol flows here you'd think it was going out of fashion.
And another thing: Ping Pong Show (it's a little early in the post to discuss this).

Bangla Road, Patong Beach, Phuket, Thailand

Bangla Road, Patong Beach, Phuket, Thailand

Bangla Road, Patong Beach, Phuket, Thailand

Spider's face says it best.

We stopped off for a burger (and shots) before deciding on a bar.
We heard good things about Kangaroo bar and it was in our sights from the burger place, so that would be stop #1 on our adventure.

Kangaroo Bar, Bangla Road, Patong Beach, Phuket, Thailand

It started off really well.
People watching, a few beers, good conversation, betting on who's a lady and who's a ladyboy.

And then we met her.

This woman I believe works at Kangaroo Bar.
She's hilarious, sweet, and an absolute delight.
She will also do her best to make sure you are inebriated before you get up from your table.

As it was Chris's birthday, she made a deal with him.
All the drinks he can drink, on the house, as long as he drinks every single one of them himself, and she gets to pick what comes out to him, and when.
Seems fair right?

The drinks came out 5 at a time, about every 15-30 minutes, in every variety you can think of.
Somewhere by drink 20-ish we wanted to see what a Ping Pong show was all about.
And our new friend knew just the place to go.

A few words of advice on Ping Pong shows:
1. The show is "free", the drink you have to buy to watch the show starts at $40 or so.
2. That price is negotiable as we found out (Chris got is down to $7/drink).
3. It's a once in a lifetime type of thing for most people, and probably not one to go to with parents/children, no matter how open your relationship is.
4. A ping pong ball is involved, but only for a few moments of the whole show.
5. If they ask for a male volunteer; men, go up there at your own risk; women, keep your men held down besides you.

We made a friend at Kangaroo Bar and she joined us for the show too.
We were both thoroughly impressed by the women's abilities to perform the way they did, but don't wish those capabilities on anyone.
I didn't get the men's the opinions on the show, but I assume it was a mixed bag of emotions as it was for us.

Soon it was time to go home, a few dollar's poorer, but with a bag filled with stories that will sound like a Big Fish story to anyone who wasn't there.

Photos after we left Kangaroo Bar were the last thing on our minds, and anyways, some things are best kept between friends.

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