Monday, 7 April 2014

Phi Phi Don, Thailand

The biggest (and the only island you can stay on) of the Phi Phi Islands is Phi Phi Don.

We docked here for some lunch.
And a fantastic lunch it was!

Fish with mango salsa.
Green curry.
Red curry.
Chicken and cashews.
Fries (I guess this one is for people who can't eat spicy foods?)

After lunch we had a little walk and Chris took a nap.

After lunch we grabbed our towels and back on the boat we went to be ferried off to yet another new place!

Phi Phi Don was my least favorite island.
It was most polluted and most crowded.
Still nice, but not nearly as nice as every other beach I've seen.
Honestly, I even preferred our local beach as Karon Beach better.

But the next place we went to... the next place... *sigh*
Now that was real Heaven on Earth.
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