Thursday, 13 February 2014

I Am a Ukrainian

The situation in Ukraine is heartbreaking.
Thousands of people in the streets, in suz-zero temperatures, protesting for freedom from dictatorship and political blackmail.

Every news outlet will spin this differently.
But the truth will come out.

Peaceful protests in the streets for over 2 months when the President decided to back out of a EU deal day of.

Then President Yanukovych passed a bill making anti-government protests illegal and commanded the police to beat anyone and everyone in the street.

Since then the people have been fighting back, fighting for their lives and their freedom.
For a better future, if not for them then for their children.

Pass this message along.
Contact your representative.
And tell them you want to show your support for a free Ukraine.

Don't think someone else will do it.
Be that person to make a difference.

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