Monday, 23 December 2013

English Countryside

If you follow me on Instagram [@yuli_lviv] you already know I'm on the road once again!

My itinerary has been nonstop adventuring in England, Ukraine, England so I haven't had time/Internet to update bloggy but now that I'm settled down (sort of) I'll update you with everything that's been happening in the last x amount of weeks.

The first place Chris and I went to was a little place in the South of England, also known as his home.
I love it here.
Dogs. Horses. Open fields. Meat. Chickens. Family. Fires.
Absolute perfection in my eyes.

My ideal day here would look like this.

1. Arrive. Take a look around at what the lands I have to play on look like.

2. Play with the animals.

3. Gather the food.

4. Prepare the food.

5. Take a walk around the country side, play sticks and feed pheasants while dinner cooks.

6. Have dinner, relax over a game of pool, and watch the sun set over a beautiful landscape.


What a perfect, amazing, wonderful day.
Complete change from the busy hustle-bustle of Singapore.
I think people need to be in nature as much as possible.
It can heal you, calm you, help you, teach you. Anything you need in this world for happiness you can find it in nature.
I can do this every single day.


  1. how was hunting?


    1. I wasn't allowed! I could only go beating. Need more practice with a gun!

      Yuliya xx