Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Disorganization and Moving House

I can't find my camera cable which is why there have been no posts lately.
I'm so disappointed!
I've searched near and far, and I have no idea where it can be.

I can't remember ever moving so many times within such a short period of time.
I've probably moved around to at least 13 different places in the last 9 months within Singapore.
Everything from hotels, to Couchsurfing, to friends, to apartments.
And I realized I really, really dislike having such transient "homes".

Real estate here differs quite a bit from the other places I've lived in.
The cost per square foot ratio is massively disproportionate.

For example, how much you pay to rent a full 3 bedroom house in Pennsylvania (say $1,500), you pay that much for 1 room in an apartment that you share with 3-10 other people.

Granted land here is scarce and potential for a great job is high.
Which makes the above equation completely logical.
However, I just can't get my head around those numbers emotionally...

And in the midst of all the moving and packing and repacking, I can't find my cable and a few other items.

I'll scour my computer for photos from adventures I may have not written about yet.
And now that I have just moved into yet another place I will unpack everything and see if my missing items show up.

If not, I promise to get myself a new cable by the weekend so you can see what Chinese New Year was like!

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