Tuesday, 1 April 2014

#60: Learn to Snorkel

The boat sped off, but before we even got comfortable it slowed down, and a few moments later we dropped anchor in another little harbor.
This one had no beach in sight, only 2 other boats in view, and nobody really knew what was going on.

(Well you know because of the blog post title...

Snorkeling at Phi Phi Islands Thailand

but let's assume you didn't know what was happening either...)

The scenery was beautiful, but everyone on the boat was a little confused what we were doing there.

Phi Phi Islands Thailand

Phi Phi Islands Thailand

Phi Phi Islands Thailand

Then the crew pulled out a box of masks and snorkels and told us we reached our first snorkeling spot.

I've never snorkeled before!!!
I didn't know we were going to get to snorkel!!!
That's on my bucketlist!!!

Chris was one of the first people in the water.

Snorkeling at Phi Phi Islands Thailand

It took me a little more time to get comfortable...

Snorkeling at Phi Phi Islands Thailand

First off, if you've never snorkeled it feels quite claustrophobic trying to breathe through a tube under water.
Secondly, breathing is key. Slow breaths, in and out. Only your mask has to be underwater, not even your ears need to be covered.

Thirdly, it helps if on your first time you can be in water shallow enough where you can touch the bottom with your feet.
My first experience was in 10m deep choppy ocean water.
Not ideal to say the least, I was a little freaked out for the first 15 minutes while I learned to breathe, float, breathe, spit water out, and swim all at the same time.

Once breathing is mastered you can explore anywhere you want... like one of our crew who can dive 10m with a snorkel!!!!

Snorkeling in Maya Bay Thailand

I got a lot more comfortable in the water and started attempting to dive.
And Chris and I thought why not take one of both of us diving together?!!

Snorkeling in Maya Bay Thailand

We'll pretend that was a successfully carried out idea...

So after about 30 to 40 minutes of snorkeling (and ticking an awesome bucketlist box!) we got back on the boat and were off to yet another mystery paradise destination!!

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  1. Wow! It seems like a great experience for you and Chris. It seems both of you enjoyed snorkeling and having fishes swim with you. Thanks for sharing you experience and the tips on how you got comfortable with snorkeling. I would like to see more of your fun and adventurous travels. Keep us posted!

    Andrea Wilkins @ Getaway Outdoors