Wednesday, 12 March 2014

L'viv Christmas Fair

One of my absolute favorite things about Ukraine are the markets (ярмарки).
This post is 2 months too late, however I found photos and had to post about it!
I love the Christmas fair.

This year I was lucky enough to be there for it.
And was surprised to learn that my godmother had her own little booth set up!

The shop is called 'Soap History'.
She makes and sells soaps, candles, body lotions and creams that are all made from natural ingredients.

The soaps are my favorite.
They're made into flowers or animals or things like snowflakes and smell heavenly (a rose would smell like a rose, a snowflake like winter, and a rocking horse like a warm childhood bath).

This year she also came out with a cream that's solid until it touches the skin.
Then it melts into silk makes your face/hands/body feel like you just came out of the spa.
I don't think she delivers outside of Ukraine yet, but you can check out her website if you're interested.

If you look back at the picture she also sells handmade, hand painted dolls!
She got me one for Christmas made to look like me.
What do you think?

The other little wooden huts sell everything from candied apples, to fur coats, to mulled wine, to handmade toys, to clay mugs, to leather bags, and trinkets of all kinds.

Afterwards we wandered around.
Got some mulled wine.
Stood with the protesters for a short while.
And then went off, back to grandpa's warm home and a bowl of homemade perogies waiting for us.

Lviv, you're a rockstar!
Missing you terribly.

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