Thursday, 27 March 2014

Phuket Thailand

We wanted to do something really special for Chris's birthday this year.
And what can be more special than going to one of the most beautiful places on Earth?

Phuket, Thailand was that beautiful place. 
We landed Friday evening and the absolute first thing I wanted to do was see crystal clear water.
I didn't care that everyone was already leaving the beach.
Or that the sun setting.
Or that my bathing suit wouldn't dry before dinner.
I just wanted to be in that water.

So I tied up my hair, kissed Chris "see you soon" and ran off into the sea.

The water was perfect.
Not too warm, but not too cold.
The waves were plenty, but not too high.
I had a smile ear-to-ear on my face.

I wrapped myself up in my beach cover up/blanket/dress and we went to scout a dinner place.

We found one that had everything.
And all I wanted was Thai.
Chris got a burger.
I got proper pad thai and green chicken curry.

A perfect first day is paradise. 

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