Monday, 3 March 2014


And if the secret bars weren't enough here's a little more on Ukrainian nightlife fun.

There's a place called Stargorod (Старгород).
It's a Czech themed, go crazy, restaurant/pub/dance club.
[I apologize for the picture quality. The lighting at this place is made to make you look attractive, not have photos turn out great]

A live bands, competitions, dancing on table, dress-up fun kind of place. 
There are plasma TV's in every urinal in the men's room.
The massive TV hanging over the stage actually does a live Skype with the sister restaurant so people at both places can party together.
Liter glasses of beer for cheap.
What more can you really want on a night out?

A few tips.
1. Make a reservation (+38 (032) 229 5505, +38 (050) 401 6201)
2. They love foreigners
3. There is no formal dress code, but dressing down in public on a night out is frowned upon

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