Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Breath of Fresh Air

The south of England is so peaceful.
We're no longer there but I got a new camera charger and was able to get the last of the pictures off the camera from our winter wonderland adventures.

One of my favorite walks was at Hambledon Hill.

We saw the sunset from the tippy top, shining on what seemed like miles of green pastures.
We started off by getting Holly out of the car and she ran off to do her thing.

We slowly made our way up the hill, stopping from time to time to take in the views.

The "walk" down was a little easier.
And by walk I mean I chased Holly all the way down the hill and waited for everyone else to catch up.

I loved being all the way at the top.
The wind blowing across your face.
Overlooking the countryside with Chris and day dreaming what our house would look like if we had all that land to build on.

I love the city, but there's something about spending time in the country that just makes everything feel... perfect.

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