Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Castle High Above the Clouds

The High Castle in L'viv (Високий Замок: Vusokyi Zamok) isn't actually a castle, but the highest lookout point.

The 360 degree views of the city are breathtaking.
Unless of course you see this as you're walking up.

If the fog looks like that, then you should probably save yourself the trip if it's your first time heading up.
Nothing beats the view on clear day.

I guess it didn't really help that it was the middle of winter, and rain/sleet was falling.

As i was bundled up in 3 pairs of pants, holding on to the rail literally pulling myself along some people were being sneaky and making the walk 10 times harder then it should have been.

After much struggling, slipping, and tiptoeing we finally got to the top.

We weren't expecting much better than this, but the experience was fun anyways.
Going back down was even more interesting as I pretty much slid all the way down.

Can't wait to be back here in warm weather one day again!

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