Sunday, 4 August 2013


I was extremely impressed by Chris's surprise for predinner drinks.
But when we got to dinner the stakes were raised even higher.

We walked along the waterfront and just as we were coming up the walkway towards MBFC the light show started.

We kept walking till we got to the restaurant,  Catalunya.
Having looked at the drinks menu before hand we had a slight idea of what we already wanted.
I had the Singapore Star to start. It was delicious and like nothing I've ever had before.

We were then taken to our private, cozy little booth over looking the CBD and given the dinner menu.

We looked and looked, and then we saw it...

Octopus a feira... The absolute best octopus I have every had. The sauce, the octopus, the sauce.
We could barely stop ourselves from licking the bowl clean.

And after the octopus came our main that we had decided on weeks ago...
The one, the only...

Suckling pig!!!! With a side of smoked mashed potato.
The piglet is so tender that the servers cut it up with the end of a small dish to show how easily the meat cuts (I give them an A+ for flair).

I had another cocktail with dinner, a Reverse Gin & Tonic.

It's a home made blend, comes out smoking, and only 50 of these a week are served. But I didn't particularly like the taste of it much.

The piggy is meant for 2-3 people, but Chris and I somehow managed to eat the whole thing ourselves (mostly Chris).

To top the evening off we had not 1, but 2 desserts. 1 that we ordered, and 1 that they brought out on the house.

We could barely move after dinner. We got home and couldn't even fall asleep from how full we were.
But, sufficient to say it was one of the best dinner's we have ever, ever had.

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