Thursday, 22 August 2013

Men (and Ladies) in Pink

As some of you already know I joined a really awesome social touch rugby group when Chris and I moved here.
A short while ago this awesome group planned something that was awesomely awesome: Midnight Madness.
MM as it's become abbreviated was a tourney style rugby game where we picked teams of 6, picked a team color, and stuck with it all night as we went head to head with every team until one was named champion.
Our team color? Team Pink.
Our team uniform? Tutu's.

Everyone that came was such a great sport.
Though team pink was the only one that showed up in fancy dress... with a fancy eski... and fancy pink cups to drink refreshing beverages out of... hey, I'm not complaining!
We played, laughed, pranced, ran, chatted and drank until the winning line-up was called.
We took second place (the tutu's gained us an extra 3 points... sneaky).
I have met some truly wonderful, unique, amazing people through this.

Thank you everyone for a great night, and for being great friends!!!

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