Tuesday, 30 July 2013

One Year Anniversary

Chris and I celebrated our official 1 year a few weeks ago and it couldn't have been more perfect.
A few days before our anniversary we went shopping for outfits, as one does for a special day.

Chris picked the white jeans out himself, and we matched the pink oxford top to them. I sneakily went out and found a bow tie for him that matched his shoes, as well as some alligator socks!

We went for a LBD for me  (I don't actually remember the name of the shop I got it in so this one is little bit similar, and this one, and this one), a sweet new necklace to match the cutout dress, strappy Diesel sandals and a clutch from I bought in New Zealand.

For the first part of the date Chris planned a ride for us on the Singapore Flyer.

But before we went up into our carriage we went out onto the private deck area to see Singapore from a whole new angle.

Then we were walked to the front of the line and awaited boarding...

...onto our own private capsule, with absolutely no one else but us, 2 glasses of champagne and chocolates.

What follows is the 360 degree view of the sunset over Singapore on our 1 year anniversary.

And after came one of the best (biggest, most amazing, insert any massively delicious adjective here) meals we have ever had...
But I'll post that tomorrow as this post has already gotten quite lengthy!

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