Monday, 12 August 2013

Singapore National Day

August 9th is National Day in Singapore.
This year was Singapore's 48th birthday and we celebrated it by watching fireworks from one of the best spots in the whole city.

We got up there just as the parade was starting (though you could barely see anything of the parade from so high up).
However the view of the city was pretty great.

Even though we didn't see the parade, we did get a very good look at the flyover, and while we waited for the fireworks we chatted up some new friends.

And then day turned to night...

...and the fireworks started.

I was a bit surprised at how short the show was... but then again I'm not sure it actually ended when we left because fireworks started going off again 20 minutes later.
If I'm still here next year I think I'll just catch the show on TV or go to a BBQ instead.
There were hoards of people when we left so we decided the best way to avoid them was to grab dinner at MBS, specifically at Carnivore, a little Brazilian churrascaria we've been eyeing up for a few months now.


What's a better end to a night than eating unlimited delicious meats, while fireworks are going off just outside, and there's someone playing the baby grand piano? Not much.
We avoided the crowds, had an amazing meal and didn't have to rush one bit.
Thanks for a great birthday Singapore!

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