Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Haji Lane Brunch

We decided to explore Haji Lane on the weekend. 
Here's my opinion of it:
1. Funky, cool, relaxed, hip, artsy, casual/fun
2. Shop around for prices because a lot of the shops carry the same merchandise
3. Go in the late afternoon/evening - not many things are open in the early afternoon
4. Sit down somewhere and people watch
5. Explore every alley, nook and crevice - there are so many hidden gems here if you just open your eyes
6. Places to eat are a bit of a hit and miss I've noticed - go for the alcohol instead
7. Make sure to swing around to Arab Street as well!!

We went in the early afternoon (see #3 above), but luckily, happened to stumble onto this little gem of a cafe for brunch.
The place is called CAD Cafe
The people working there are great. The food was tasty. The decorations were clever, unique and nostalgic.
We were so happy with our little find.

CAD Florentine with a cucumber, mint, apple (if I remember that correctly) juice... mmmm.

Beef Bacon + Brie Sandwich with a tasty coffee to wash it down with... also soooo good.

We're planning a trip back here soon. Any recommendations of great bars, cafes, coffee shops, or anything else?

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