Saturday, 9 March 2013

#44: Stay Overnight on a Sailboat

Just before leaving New Zealand Chris and I had the pleasure of spending a night on our friend Dave's boat, luckily it was also a bucketlist tick for me.
The day started off rainy and cool and we weren't too optimistic on sailing around so we turned on the engines, left the harbor and decided to fish for a bit.


Above Chris plays pretend by imagining he's on the show Big Tuna.

The sun finally started to come out a bit so we popped open a bottle of champagne and enjoyed it for a bit.

Having done enough fishing for the morning we pulled up the anchor and went boating on.

We anchored in a bay, had a little swim, saw blue penguins swimming around, and did some more fishing.

Chris caught the only fish of the day!

Since it wasn't enough to feed us all we went ashore on Waiheki Island for dinner, came back in pitch dark and spent the night doing a little more night fishing and playing card games.

We woke up early and watched the sunrise as we sailed  back to Auckland.

Another tick on the Bucket List :) Till next time..

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