Thursday, 21 March 2013

The Only Castle in New Zealand

Larnach Castle is the only castle in all of New Zealand. One can go exploring inside via a guided tour (we skipped this), have afternoon tea and scones in the courtyard (definitely did this) and play in the gardens that surround this estate (I made sure we did this). The drive up is picturesque and the road narrow and winding as your view changes from ocean to farmland with sheep grazing. Any road you take will get you to the castle as it's at the very top of the hill overlooking Dunedin.
The above is from the official website.

 After our tea and scones we went exploring the grounds.

And then I found an Alice in Wonderland garden so I played pretend. I was the Red Queen demanding a pig for my aching feet!


I think I should be cast in the next rendition of Alice in Wonderland. Thoughts?


  1. My home town is Dunedin, and my husband proposed to me at Larnach's Castle. :)

    1. I loved Dunedin! It was so historic yet trendy. And the castle is as good a place as any to propose :)