Tuesday, 5 March 2013

This One Time at the Races

I have never been to a proper horse race. And as luck would have it it's Auckland Cup Week at the Ellerslie Race Course, more specifically Derby Day.

The atmosphere was amazing. After spending months in Queenstown (where I'm pretty sure 80% of the women there do not own a pair of heels) it was great seeing people dressed up in fancy clothes, women in big hats and beautiful shoes, and the horses parading around the course.

It was a great day of friends, wine, betting, wins & loses, horses and fun.

Then Spider joined us and the betting began. But first, complimentary mini cupcakes and rose.

Now onto the betting. Chris won almost every single race he bet on, I won about 50% of the time, and the others weren't as lucky.

If you haven't yet done so I highly recommend going to a race yourself, it's soo much fun!

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