Saturday, 30 March 2013

Milford Sound

Continuing on from yesterdays post... after hours of driving, stopping for photos and playing with tricksy kea's we finally arrived at our destination: Milford Sound!

We arrived to beautiful sunshine and were greeted by this view:

But the weather here changes at the blink of an eye and the clouds and wind moved in almost immediately.

 We took a Jucy Cruize to see Milford Sound but booked our tickets with BookMe where the tickets are 75% cheaper! The boat is smaller than most of the ones in the harbor owned by some of the other companies but they all do the same exact tour so just go by what's cheapest and not what the description says. The smaller boats sometimes are able to get a bit closer to the mountains so in that way they're better, but they all take you underneath a waterfall and more times than not you get to spot some seals (we did) or dolphins.

The weather was cloudy and drizzled the whole time we were on the boat and everyone was starting to get a little restless. The area is really mystical and looks like something out of a movie; the waterfalls evaporate into thin air, the sea creatures playing around you, it's very special. Overall it was a really good trip. We saw some seals, got soaked underneath the waterfall, and learned a bit of history about the area, but it would be much more beautiful with the sunshine out. (They tell you it's just as beautiful in the drizzle but having seen it in both I think people only tell you that so you don't feel so bad when you happen to get shit weather.) I hear Doubtful Sound is nicer but it's a little harder to get to. Either way it's a great day/weekend activity to do on the South Island.

Till next time!

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