Sunday, 10 March 2013

The Smelliest Fruit in the World

is also considered the king of fruit!

The following is a beautiful adventure that happened to us today showing the generosity of strangers and should encourage everyone to be a little bit kinder:

Chris and I have now been in Singapore for a total of 2 days and it's been really amazing (more to come about what I've already seen). Today we tried the king (Durian) and queen (Mangosteen) of fruit.
We were walking along a street when we noticed a pile of large spikey fruit, we picked one up to look at it and the fruit stand owner immediately asked if we wanted to buy it.
Getting a bit put off by thinking we were being sold to we still really wanted to try it so we haggled the price down to $5/kg. Thank goodness we did! We paid for the fruit while Chen (the owner) opened it up for us, sat down and waited for him to bring it over to eat.
He shortly after sat down next to us and asked where we were from and explained the different typed of durian there were.
The consistency of the inside yellow bit you eat is quite rich; we compared it to eating oysters because it tastes like such a delicacy. The smell though a lot of people can't take and are completely put of by the fruit because of it (they're not even allowed inside subways or trains here).
It smells a bit like onion, banana, potatoes and peanut butter, tasty, I know.
Then out of no where he gives us two bottles of water (free) because he said the fruit will make our throat dry. He then proceeded to bring us over 2 mangosteen's and asked if we wanted to try it. We said no thank you but he again said it was free and he really wanted us to try it.
He opened them up for us and continued to tell us a little bit about Singapore and about the fruits themselves. We preferred the taste of these a lot more, it was more tropical tasting, juicy but not, and really flavorsome and refreshing.
We wanted to buy a few mangosteens to bring back to the house with us but he put 5 of them in a bag for us and refused to let us pay.
We walked out completely flooded with emotion for this man's generosity towards 2 complete strangers.
What an incredible way to start your life in a new country. If you're ever in this country, you have to go to this man's fruit stand, you just have to.
Sadly the website details don't work, but I believe the phone number does, and if not then just go to the address.

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