Sunday, 10 February 2013

Sailing in Auckland

The "city of sails" as Auckland is sometimes known as can and should be seen from the water. A sailboat, a ferry, a yacht, a kayak, anything you can get your hands on. So far I've tried the ferry and a yacht.. hands down the yacht was lovelier.

I got a chance to do a little days worth of sailing (technically yachting as the sails never went up) during my first week in New Zealand (July). Chris sneakily arranged for us to go out on his friends boat as I've never been yachting before. We were whisked away in the morning hours and the surprise was kept from me 'till we got to the dock. The views sailing away from the harbor were beautiful with the Sky Tower poking up above the city.

We anchored off of one of the islands for a quick picnic lunch on the boat and were back on our way to Auckland. We made a loop from where we left to where we came back in so the views coming back into the harbor weren't so bad either.

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