Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Auckland in Pictures

 Over the month I was in Auckland I used the time to reacquaint myself with a perfect little town not too far away from the heart of the city. While Chris was away at work I would spend my days shopping at the local shops, cooking, reading, and just enjoying life. One of my favorite activities included doing daily walks up a volcano that overlooked all of Auckland.

Not to mention the sunsets every night were incredible and all so different.

Trips to the Auckland Museum, rich in all sorts of changing exhibits and free to locals, was a great way to spend a day. One of my favorite exhibits was a "best of" photography one.

I also explored the city plenty, went out to eat to amazing restaurants (Auckland and the surrounding villages are full of delicious cuisine from all over the world) and got gifted (a word a made up meaning to receive as a present) beautiful flowers.

One of my favorite memories was running a 5K and ending it at an Irish pub where a celebratory Guinness and pie would be in order.

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