Friday, 22 February 2013

#128: Go on the World's Biggest Swing

The Nevis Swing is the biggest swing in the whole world. The arc is 300m and you "swing" at 120kph, pretty intense. We were supposed to do this right after our bungee, but the wind was too strong so it was rescheduled for the next day. This platform isn't suspended like the bungee, but it is at the end of a long metal bridge into the middle of the cliff.


There's an option of going by yourself or tandem, meaning attached to someone else that's doing it. We decided to go tandem. The other thing you must decide is how you'd like to be strapped in.

 (I tried to take these so you can see the bridge in the background of the main course board, and the bungee platform in the background of the sweet treats board.)

Our friend Drew was with us as well. He went first and decided on the upside down starter.

We chose the forward tandem main. The final decision you get to make is whether you want the crew guys to release you whenever they want, your friends to push the button, or for you to tell them when. We let the crew decide.

Watch the video to get the full effect of how high this actually is!!

Let me know if you've ever done this or the bungee, and which you preferred!

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