Monday, 18 February 2013

Bears, Boats and Bars, Oh My

My first experience going to an Ice Bar was sooo cool (haha, get it, cool, anyways...). I wore quite a summery outfit, skirt and all, luckily once you get to the bar they provide you with a warm jacket, gloves, even warm boots if you like. The girls get a white jacket and the boys a dark one, both quite stylish.

There are loads of sculptures and carvings to look at including a bear decorated with vodka bottles, a jet boat, an ice photo booth, an ice hockey table (which is a bit hard to play on because the puck kept slipping off), and a fireplace(!).

Here's a little secret: if you book through BookMe you also get a a discounted entry, and a free drink. Bargain. $3 entry instead of $20. $10 for entry and a cocktail instead of $32.

Also make sure to turn your flash off, because the pictures don't come out nearly as magical. This is a nice picture.

But this is great. The lights change to show the carvings and sculptures so not having the flash on really makes your pictures pop.

Located: Searle Lane, Queenstown | Phone: 03 409 0040

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