Thursday, 14 February 2013

Fergburger Queenstown

Fergburger is probably Queenstown's most popular restaurant. When town is deserted, rest assured there's a line around the corner at Ferg's. This "restaurant" serves a behemoth of a burger, usually with chips (fries to the American) and aioli (a garlic-like mayonnaise for dipping the fries into). This is their menu. 

Fergburger Menu

In my opinion, it is not the best burger in Queenstown, but going there once for the experience is worth it. The fun thing about these burger's is that the toppings are so varied, but the size of the bun for me overwhelms the whole thing and the actual meat you get isn't the biggest. I usually end up taking off the top half of the bun and using a piece of lettuce as the top half instead.

I've tried Sweet Bambi, Chief Wiggum, Cockadoodle Oink*, Cock Cajun, Bun Laden*, and Mr Big Stuff.

(*) represents favorites

Ferg Loves You.

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