Friday, 27 March 2015

Budapest: First Stop of a European Train Trip

I love, love, love train trips.
And what better place to one than across Europe?!!

First stop?
Budapest, Hungary!

The only thing I have ever heard about Budapest was from the movie The Grand Budapest Hotel (awesome movie by the way).

To get to Budapest there was actually a car trip involved from Lviv to Budapest, waiting at the border for 6 hours, crossing a few more country borders (this this without any border patrol), getting the car pulled over and searched for cigarettes, and a few other things adeventures along the way.

Waking up the next morning I was as giddy as a 1st grader heading off to school for the first time.
The hotel was in an amazing location, directly across the street from the train station!

And a very short walk away from the river.
With statues, beautiful churches, architecture, and musuems lining the walk, so everywhere you look you're captivated by the sights.

Near the rivere there's a hu-mungous market that the locals do thier shopping at and the tourists go to try local fare.

Budapest is actually a city that's divided by a river.
So the city is split into two hales: Buda and Pest.


Want to see what lies on the other side o the river? On the Buda side?
Come back tomorrow to see more!

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