Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Tour Around Lviv

Lviv is beautiful.
I'm a little biased about my feelings towards it, but having been around the world twice I can still firmly say it's like no other city out there.
For the first time since I left Ukraine to move to the US, this is the first year I spent winter and summer here.
Luckily, this past winter was really warm.
And even more luckily, this summer was perfect.

One of my favorite ways to explore a city is by walking around it.

The tourist office in the middle of the city is super helpful and have fluent English speakers who work there.
They also have a few different self guided mapped tours around the city.
Below is one of them that I also posted to my Instagram.

Above is a collection of historic first's, old churches, government building, cafes, stores, hotels.
All things iconic.
I unfortunately have no idea where I put my little guidebook and I can't remember what's what...

One of the nicest things about L'viv is that cafes and bars are plenty.
After a delighfully long day of walking, a cup of tea and some people watching is just what the doctor ordered.

I mean, really, how beautiful is this city?!

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