Wednesday, 4 March 2015

A Week in Atlantic City

My family has been going away to Atlantic City for a week every summer ever since I could remember.

The stigma around AC is that the beaches are dirty and crowded, the casinos old, and the majority of the crowd a little less than classy.

Most summer Saturday I would agree with you, the rest of the week it's a pretty great place to unwind.

The show Boardwalk Empire (I'm a little behind with the times as far as show watching goes) has brought some attantion to AC, especially to the glamour and glitz it was known for in its height.

So what does one do when they go away for a week?

First things, first. Unpack and take an evening stroll down the beach.

You can then spend the rest of the week going to the beach, the casinos, the shops, the pier, getting your fortunes told, getting a tattoo, going on rides, going to the restaurants, to the clubs or anywhere else your little heart desires.

My mom loves waking up early and going for a morning swim, every morning.
I'm more of a sit on the beach with coffee person... I haven't gotten to the point where I have a desire to be in cold ocean water first thing after waking up.

Checking out the boardwalk is always fun.

You may even win the Miss America pageant.

But for real.
It's a good boardwalk.

You can play in the amusement park or go go-karting.

The beach is always an option.
Especially during the weekdays when there's barely anyone around.

The beach with friends and ice cream is even better.

Depending when you go, you may even stumble onto an international sand building competition on the beach!
Be sure to come back often to see the sculptures develop!
And there are usually a few rounds so you may even get to see something completely different the next time you stop by.
If you come by during the judging phase you can even get to meet the sculpters!

If you were exhausted from the heat and the walking you could always just sit in your hotel room (you shoould preferably get one with a view of the ocean) and read a book on the windowsill.

If you get bored of sitting go for a walk on the beach.

Or get a henna tattoo.

What about the nightlife you ask?
Go and get your gambling on.

Or visit the Steel Pier.

If you've only experienced AC on a weekend you can't possibly compare it to spending a whole week here.
If you live nearby and have a few days off saved up, take them on a Tuesday and Wednesday and go spend 2 days here.

It's so much better!

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