Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Dinner With a View

The last activity we did at the gondola was dinner. A delicious all you can eat buffet dinner (we clearly enjoy places with big portions and a number of choices, Chris probably more-so than me).
The food selection was good, though the food itself is not exactly the best I've ever eaten. The dessert bar is amazing. Some of the hot meats are really good as well. The cold platters or side dishes I didn't enjoy so much.
But really the main reason to come here is for the views.

And then as the sun sets they get even better.

Since we were taking all different sorts of transportation that night I decided to take a bee to cap off the night.

There's BookMe deals for dinner sometimes as well so you wouldn't have to pay the pull price for it. I probably wouldn't pay full price, if you can't find the deal just go up there for a drink at sunset and get dinner else where in town.

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