Friday, 10 May 2013

Korean BBQ

Chris and I randomly went to a Korean BBQ place for lunch one day not knowing what to expect really. I didn't have a camera along with me so I had to use my phone.
It's a little of a mix between a buffet, urban camping and hibachi. You get a plate and fill it up with raw meat, veggies, noodles, seafood, anything you want. Then take it back to your table and cook it on a BBQ that's installed into the middle of it.
Eat as much or as little as you want, it's all for a set price. The only thing is that if you leave any food on your plate you get charged extra for it. Great idea if you ask me to prevent wastage!

Ah, you gotta have some fun in life, no? Go out and try some new cuisine this week and let me know what you had!!

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