Thursday, 16 May 2013

Fish Spa

We recently went to a fish spa. What is a fish spa you ask? It's a place where you go and put your feet/hands into a fish tank and the fish then eat the dead skin/dirt off of your feet/hands.
We loved it! It doesn't just make your skin smoother but it's a half hour of laugh therapy. Depending on how hungry the fish are they'll attack your feet from every which way.
They wiggle in between your toes, slap themselves around, gnaw at the skin (relax, they're tiny fish with no teeth).
We learned a lot of places have communal tanks because it's quite expensive to maintain (GPB $2.50/fish), but the place we went to had individual tanks for everyone and UV lights to kill any bacteria that tries to grow in the tanks.
The best part about this place though were the people running it. The little older lady loved my hair and chatted away to us like we've been there a hundred times, and her son then came in and gave us tips and tricks and shared all sorts of great knowledge with us.
Our feet definitely looked a bit better, but I think this kind of treatment is required on a regular basis to see major improvements. We'll definitely be back.

Address: Chinatown, Pagoda St 70a | Phone: 656222 2492 | E-mail:

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