Saturday, 14 September 2013

Chinese Gardens

Chris and I are away on a little holiday at the moment which is a massive bucketlist tick for us.
And while I get the posts ready for that here's one from last weekend.

Take the green line west and you'll eventually come to a MRT stop called Chinese Gardens.
If you've got a free day on your hands, go!
Admission was $10.. not sure if it's a regular admission price, or a one off things as there was an event going on that evening.

That's besides the point though.
As opposed to a lot of other places in Singapore, there are barely any people here.

The garden is huge with lots of areas to sit down and explore.

There are lots of little gardens tucked away into this big one.
My favorite though is the bonsai garden... it's magical.

I've talked to so many people who have never even heard of these gardens.
They're perfect for a weekend getaway!
I might even have a sneaky little date in the works at this place....

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